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Portescap Danaher

Danaher Motion is a division of Danaher Corporation with its head quarters in the US. Danaher Motion has vast experience in electromagnetic, mechanical and control technologies to help its customers build better machines.

Danaher Motion has product design centers located through out the globe with over 2000 distribution centers all over the world. Danaher Motion’s famous brand name is Portescap.

Portescap offers a vast product line of miniature motors which include bruch DC, brushless DC, stepper can stack, geared, digital linear actuators, disc magnet and hybrid technology.

Immaterial what your need is and what application you are using, Portescap has the product and technology for you.

Portescap is a trusted brand name for nearly 70 years and companies from diverse industries have always relied on Portescap for their technological and application needs from simple to complex.

Portescap products are used in Medical, Semi Conductor, Industrial and Commercial Automation, Ventilation Control / HVAC, and Civil Aviation and Aerospace industry. Whether you are looking for high performance and quality miniature motors or specialty motors, Portescap has the answer for you.

With its superior product line and outstanding customer service, Portescap is a one supplier stop for your machines and motors, immaterial which industry you are in.

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